Ready to live a life of solid self-love?

Once I discovered the power of self-love my life was radically transformed,

I knew there was no going back...

....And I had to show more women how to do this too!



I created a checklist for the busy woman who needs to show herself a little more self-love and connect with her desires through these daily  actions. 

My gift to you. By following this checklist, you are guaranteed to experience self-love on a whole new level.


Rave Reviews

The Journey to Solid Self-Love 90 Day Transformation

"I have more energy and more confidence in who I AM as a person."

Alicia B,

Mental Health Professional

"I have found myself...I thank Brooke for helping me be myself."

Zulay H. Business owner, Mantorville, MN

"That's when Brooke stepped into my life...Today I am 50 pounds lighter...."

Beth Blakstad,

Esthetician, Nail Technician

"I was stressed and struggling to be present with myself and the people that really matter. Brooke helped me prioritize what was important in my life."

Karrie, Business Owner, Mantorville, MN

"After my phone call with Brooke, my eyes were opened to the things that I actually control."

Meghan S.


Rave Reviews

The Journey to Solid Self-love Discovery Session

Experience your own today

"A Self-Love discovery session was all I needed to take a step back & look at the big picture of my life, it helped me pivot my way of thinking!"

" A Self-Love discovery session opens a door into an exciting world that you haven't even considered!"

"A Self-Love discovery session can change your life by making you think about things you probably never had!"

"Anyone can benefit from a Self-Love discovery session, I now have a new outlook on life."

Kayla Hendrickson

Beth Bakstad

RaeLynn Mattick

Zulay Harris


About Me

What is up, Beautifier, I'm Brooke Ranvek. I am a mom of two boys: Jaeger, 13, and Floyd, 11. I am a wife to my high-school love, my Levi, and I am a certified masterful health & life coach.

My passion for health has led me to become a master at shifting who I am by using a scientific approach to how human brains experience change, and I’m excited to help you, too. I use revolutionary approach proven to

creating change that lasts—it becomes who you are and what you do.

It is guaranteed to be fun and easy.

It's my mission to help women connect to their true desires to a life of solid self-love.  #findyourgoldenticket

I specialize in shifting habits, mindset, nutrition and supplementation, when you get your in the habit of loving yourself, your beliefs, and nutrition right you become UNSTOPPABLE! I believe our desires in life are our "golden ticket" to the life we are destined to live. Self-care is self-less.



They are super fun and you'll get value you can put into action immediately.

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